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Your DNA, Endless Opportunities

Whether you’ve discovered your DNA through Athletigen, 23andMe or Ancestry, or you’re starting your journey with a DNA kit, we can help you understand what makes you unique.

A World of Possibility

We all share DNA, but it’s the subtle differences that make us unique. Whatever your goals, we can help you make the most of your genetic foundation.

A Lifetime of Learning

Tens of thousands of genes, infinite potential. You have it in you to harness your genetic foundation to live your best life. As the science evolves, we’ll help you understand what your DNA means for you.

Strength in Numbers

Your DNA is complex, but understanding its impact doesn’t have to be. We combine your personal results with actionable insights from trusted experts, like Dr. Kelly Starrett at MobilityWOD to help you take your health and performance further.

One Data File, Infinite Possibilities

We share your belief that understanding your DNA has the potential to change your life.

Every DNA test from Athletigen, 23andMe and AncestryDNA analyzes thousands of data points within your genes to uncover where you’re from or important markers of health and performance. All this information is packed into a raw DNA data file that you can download, giving you the power to unlock additional insights and expand your understanding of what your DNA says about you.

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“In today’s NHL, simply working hard is not enough. Using Athletigen ensures that I am exhausting my efforts in the right direction. Knowing my genetics means that there is no wasted effort.”

Brad Marchand
Boston Bruins, two-time NHL All-Star

“Athletigen gave me different insight, gave me a slight edge… Anywhere an athlete can have a slight edge is huge.”

Akeem Haynes
Olympic bronze medallist

“Being a competitive professional athlete is an endless pursuit of my best, and Athletigen just opened the doors to a new world of what I can become.”

Andrew Gordon
Linköpings HC

“Athletigen’s DNA reports take the guess work out of training and are the closest thing I have seen to an instruction manual for your body. The reports allow us to individualize our athletes’ nutrition, therapy, and performance training. I would recommend Athletigen to anyone that seeks high performance or high quality of life.”

Bobby Strope
Founder, President | APEC

“While we really appreciate the importance of the information that an athlete’s DNA can give our coaching staff, it is the honesty and authenticity with which Athletigen communicates this information that sets them apart.”

Stuart McMillan
ALTIS CEO / Sprint Coach

“Athletigen showed me how DNA can be used to help people achieve world-class performance.”

Dan Pfaff
10-time Olympic Coach

“Athletigen helps me be a better coach to my clients. With their DNA reports, Athletigen helps me provide personalized diet plans and supplement recommendations so that my clients reach their goals faster.”

Kristen Zendran
Certified Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

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