Athletigen is an innovative genetics company that empowers goal-oriented people to use their own unique DNA to live healthier lives.


Current applied human genetic initiatives are concerned with leveraging DNA to better define disease pathology so that we can develop drugs.

The majority of insight stored in the Human DNA code extends far beyond disease, yet we are not focused on this.

Infinite value will come from enhancing how we as a people define our shared heritage.

The majority of insight stored in the Human DNA code extends far beyond disease, yet we are not focused on this.

Personally, I think about DNA through the lens of human performance. That is, instead of asking “Why is the body broken?” I wonder “Why does the body perform so well?”

I submit that both perspectives are required.

I founded Athletigen with a vision to enhance our understanding of DNA in the context of human performance. We are discovering that many genes initially classified as disease-associated, can be used to inform performance.

We are demonstrating that DNA in the context of human performance unlocks critical information for high-performers who value a precise approach to training, nutrition, and recovery.

With this perspective and foundation, it is Athletigen’s further aim to translate the DNA code into information that empowers people to achieve their goals and live life better.

Yours in performance,

Dr. Jeremy Koenig Signature

Dr. Jeremy Koenig

Founder and CEO of Athletigen

In today’s NHL, simply working hard is not enough. Using Athletigen ensures that I am exhausting my efforts in the right direction. Knowing my genetics means that there is no wasted effort.

Brad Marchand

Boston Bruins, two-time NHL All-Star

Athletigen gave me different insight, gave me a slight edge… Anywhere an athlete can have a slight edge is huge.

Akeem Haynes

Olympic bronze medallist

Being a competitive professional athlete is an endless pursuit of my best, and Athletigen just opened the doors to a new world of what I can become.

Andrew Gordon

Linköpings HC



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