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Before You Buy

If you have questions before making a purchase, we’ll answer them.

About Athletigen

Athletigen is an innovative genetics company that empowers goal-oriented people to use their own unique DNA to live healthier lives.

I already have my raw DNA file

Great! Simply create an Athletigen account and upload your raw DNA file. You will then be able to purchase and download Athletigen reports.

What types of DNA files are compatible with Athletigen?

Athletigen is compatible with raw DNA files from 23andMe, Ancestry, and the Athletigen DNA Collection Kit. For more details, click here.

I don’t have my raw DNA file

You must have a raw DNA file to purchase and access Athletigen reports. You can get a raw DNA file by purchasing an Athletigen DNA Collection Kit.

What payment options are available?

If you’re purchasing an Athletigen report, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express payments from customers worldwide.

If you’re purchasing an Athletigen DNA Collection Kit, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express debit and credit cards. We also accept PayPal.

What is an Athletigen DNA report?

Your DNA is made of four compounds known as nucleotides: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, represented by the letters A, G, C, and T. Repeated up to 3 billion times, these nucleotides make up the genetic code that resides in each cell of the human body. On average, the genetic code differs by only 0.05% in unrelated humans. This may seem like a small percentage, but in reality, it represents 15 million letters that differ from individual to individual.

Your unique genetics mean that you may react differently to your environment. In our reports, you will find detailed information about your genetics to help you understand how your body may respond to your physical activities, your diet, and your environment, depending on which reports you purchase.

How to interpret your results

When interpreting your results, remember that genetic information can be challenging to interpret and this should not, under any circumstances, be considered in isolation or as a definitive diagnosis. The contribution of one genetic marker only represents a small percentage of the factors that influence a given trait. For some individuals, this small percentage may be enough to result in an observable difference. The research underpinning gene-trait associations is in its infancy, therefore, consider the confidence grade of each marker. You may wish to consult a medical professional with your results to consider your environment in conjunction with your genetics for a more holistic picture of your health. In most cases, the reported outcomes represent a normal range of human physiology and do not represent abnormal, deficient, or disease traits.

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