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Your body is your greatest asset. In order to keep it strong and healthy, you need to take care of it. Athletigen’s DNA reports give you the insights you need to understand your body, leading to optimal decision making. Each section of the Welcome Report gives you a glimpse of the possible knowledge you can attain with the help of Athletigen and your DNA. Empower yourself with this information to find out how you are Made For More™.

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Who is the Welcome Report for?

If you’re looking for a broad overview of what Athletigen can do for you, the Welcome Report is a great place to start.

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Why the Welcome Report?

The Welcome Report is approximately 35 pages (it differs based on your DNA) and analyzes 40 markers to provide insight into 19 traits.

Report Excerpt

Please note that the above are excerpts. It is not the full report and the results are not based on your DNA.

Report Topics

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Speed and Power

Your speed and power ceiling is limited by your genetics, muscle morphology and anthropometrics. Understanding how your genetics impacts your speed and power ceiling will enable you to set expectations around your program and assist you in prioritizing your training efforts.

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Using DNA data to understand how efficiently your body responds to, and uses the vitamins that you consume everyday can empower you to tailor your diet to your specific nutritional needs. In this section you will learn how to improve your intake of: Water-soluble vitamins that help your body in the production of energy and growth. Fat-soluble vitamins that help maintain eye, skin, blood cell, and bone health. Vitamin D that is made by your body when you spend time in the sun, but is harder to obtain during the winter without supplementation.

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Exercise Recovery

The recovery period is when your body adapts the most – but the amount of recovery you'll need depends on your goals, your unique physiology and your DNA. Understanding how much recovery time you require is crucial to keeping your tissues and muscles happy, as well as performing to the best of your abilities.

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Sleep Health

Sleep health can have a significant impact on your energy, mood, and overall wellbeing. Find out if your genes are influencing your sleep quality and requirement.

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